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More, and cheaper, 4K TVs

This year's CES brought a lot of 4K or UHD TV sets, sporting four times the pixel density of your bog standard 1080p Full HD telly.

With IFA 2014 expected to follow suit next month, we're not expecting anything radically new on this front - as we noted above, the big advances should be in UI and smart features rather than core tech.

What we can expect to see, however, is more practically priced 4K TV sets as manufacturers look to bring the new resolution standard within range of your average punter. To that end, we're expecting more 40- and 50-inch efforts this time around.
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Smart TVs with Android TV
At Google I/O back in June, it was revealed that the next version of the Android OS had been designed to scale to the Smart TV form factor.

Android TV offers the tantalising promise (admittedly not the first time) of an intuitive and widely adopted Smart TV UI standard, rather than the largely rubbish individual manufacturer efforts we've been putting up with for too long now.

Google's new solution will allow you to initiate media content searches using your phone, using both text input and voice recognition. You'll also have access to a whole heap of apps and games, through it'll ship with its own app store rather than simply having access to the Google Play Store.

Google also announced at the time that it had reached agreements with Sony, Sharp, and Philips to include Android TV in their 2015 HDTV ranges. As such, we're expecting to see a whole bunch of top end TV sets running on Android TV at CES 2015.   

LG confirms 2015 flexible OLED TV launch

Curved TVs are already old hat, with LG confirming plans to launch the world's first flexible OLED TV next year.

Addressing TrustedReviews yesterday, the Korean manufacturer revealed plans to move beyond standard flat or recent curved TVs, merging the two technologies to bring a bendable OLED to market in 2015.

While such a device might sound like a gimmick, LG claims it will allow users to maximise the benefits of both flat and curved TVs, seamlessly switching between the two modes to suit certain content types and user preferences.

Flexible TVs feature a motor which, at the press of the button, flexes the panel from its traditional flat form, to a subtle curved TV for more immersive viewing angles.
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Skyworth launches their first OLED TV, the Tianchi E980

In December 2013 Skyworth announced its first OLED TV, and now the company announced it finally started to mass produce the TV. The Tianchi E980 is a 55" curved Full-HD OLED TV that supports Skyworth's Tianchi 4 OS offering smart capabilities. The E980 uses LG Display's WRGB OLED panel.

Interestingly, when Skyworth announced the E980 and E990 OLED TVs back in December 2013, the TVs were flat (see photo below). But it seems the company finally adopted a curved design. You can see LG's OLED branding displayed on the panel of the E980 below.

Mar 28, 2014

You can buy LG's 55" curved OLED TV on eBay for $4,300

Earlier this month I posted that LG slashed the price of their curved 55" OLED TV to $5,999. At least that's the price now in Amazon.com. But it turns out (thanks Cooters!) that you can buy this TV at a much lower price at eBay.

If you search eBay for LG's 55EA9800 TV, you'll find several sellers offering a brand new TV (still in its original package) - for as low as $4,380. That's far below LG's original price in august 2013 ($14,999)...

Mar 21, 2014

LG's flat 55" GALLERY OLED TV finally arrives in the US for $7,499

LG's GALLERY OLED TV (the 55EA8800) finally arrived in the US - Amazon sells it now for $7,499. This TV is a wall-mountable flat Full-HD 55" OLED TV. It uses the same panel as LG's 55EM9700 but besides being wall-mountable, the GALLERY TV also offers 2.2 channel sound system in the frame using LG's Canvas Speakers. The TV includes a special Gallery Mode that shows high-res images of famous paintings.

By the way, the price of LG's curved 55EA9800 keeps changing. On March 2nd I posted that the price dropped from $6,999 to $5,999. Then it was back up to $6,999. But today Amazon lists the OLED TV again for $5,999.

Mar 16, 2014

LG launches 77", 65" and 55" 4K and FHD OLED TVs in Korea

LG Electronics introduced their 2014 TV lineup in Korea - unveiling a total of 68 new models. The company will launch 77", 65" and 55" OLED TVs - some of which will feature 4K UHD resolution. The company did not yet announce prices and availability, but they did say that they will start releasing the new TVs in key markets later this month.

Those OLED TVs were already unveiled at CES 2014. Back in January LG said that the 77" curved UHD OLED TV, the 77EC9800, will launch in Q2 2014 for $29,999. It'll be very interesting to know the prices of the 65" and 55" 4K models. Some (or all?) of LG's new OLED TVs will feature a new power reduction technology called Adaptive SVDD - an external compensation technology that decreased the power consumption by 30.6%.

Mar 13, 2014