Astrale dimensjon og skapninger som lever der


… Until you know your spiritual nature as connected with that divine Creative Force, what a mystery this life is! Today you are here and tomorrow you are gone. When you pass over to the life after death, this whole world will become as a dream to you. You don’t grieve when you have to change a worn-out coat you have been wearing. How foolish it is to think that this body—the «overcoat» worn by your soul— will be permanent. It seems real now, but it will disappear.

Then where will your soul go? To the astral world—the «heavenly» realm of light and indestructible life, the realm of vibratory life energy hidden behind the veil of the gross material universe.

Light is the real essence of everything.
This earth is not «earth» as you see it; it is light.

Your True Nature

From the astral world we come at birth, and there we shall return at death. Someone asked me why we should try to connect with the astral world now. To this I reply, «Because that is where you will realize the freedom of your true nature. You were there as a soul cloaked in an astral form to start with; and because you are not there now and have lost that memory is why all your misery persists.» By entering that other world, we learn the causes and healing of all suffering and diseases. We discover the secret of our existence—what happens after death, and where we were before birth, and how to live in the material world without losing our divine connection.

This world has a lot of limitations and the astral world has none. When a soul leaves the expansiveness of the astral world to be born on earth, that human baby finds himself restricted and confined in the mother’s womb and wants to get out of it but can’t. For nine months he has to wait. Then he is subjected to the helplessness of infancy. As he grows into adolescence he must fight his way through passions and emotions, which if he doesn’t control will get him into all kinds of misery. Then he marries, struggles to support a family, and perhaps is happy for a little while—but as he gets older everything starts to go wrong with his body-machine and eventually he dies. Every day this drama of mortal limitations, whatever be its minor variations, is playing itself out in your life; and still you cling to this world as most desirable. It is not.

If you could perceive the astral world, you would know that it is infinitely more real than the earth-plane, which is just inert matter without the enlivening powers of the up-holding astral world. Material existence is only a shadow of that higher, finer dimension of reality. This world is the result of the astral world. The blueprints of everything in the physical universe have been astrally conceived—all the forms and forces in nature, including the complex human body, have been first produced in that realm where God’s causal ideations are made visible in forms of heavenly light and vibratory energy. Then they are materialized in physical form out of the ether. But the astral body of man and the astral counterparts of everything in nature are vastly more beautiful, more vibrant, more expressive of the harmony and perfection of the Divine Creator than what we perceive when our consciousness is limited to matter.

The astral world is not the ultimate liberating experience; the soul attains complete ascension only through realization of its oneness with the Creator Himself. Nevertheless, soul progress begins with the effort to disengage from the delusion of material bondage into the higher awareness of one’s finer astral existence. Learn to be more transcendent now; identify with the life of your astral self and its connection with the astral world.

How to get to that higher plane? In thought you are always there; but because you are so identified with the physical perceptions of your thoughts, the underlying astral world that powers those thoughts and perceptions is not as real to you. Your soul sojourns there every night when you are asleep, only you are not conscious of it. For just a little while during wakefulness the soul is in the material environment. The rest of the time it is in the astral. Whenever you are using the subconscious mind—dreaming or employing its creative power of visions and visualization—you are to some degree in the astral world. So it isn’t that you do not get there. You are always there, unknowingly linked with the astral source from which the life and intelligence and sensory powers of your physical body are constantly flowing. You are working from that astral plane. Even though you think you are a material being dependent on the material world, you are not. You should learn to get acquainted with your real base of operations.

Suppose you have two houses—one in the slums where there is constantly turmoil and fighting going on, and another in the beautiful section of town where there is order and harmony. When you go to your better home, you find peace and contentment. That is what I urge you: Live in the consciousness of your finer astral body rather than «slum-ming» in the physical.

Portal to the Astral World: Meditation

As long as you enslave yourself to the demands and desires of the physical body, so long you are in for trouble— much trouble! Why are you so attached to the body? Only because you have chosen to be. Meditation is nothing magical; it is the natural process of doing away with attachment to the flesh and transferring your consciousness to the spiritual side of your nature. We meditate not only for the peace and joy and happiness it brings, but also to free ourselves from the limitations of material existence.

Healing and Life Energy (Prana)

The body is a remarkable machine; normally it keeps on running for decades. Yet it is still a nest of troubles. Heat and cold, disease and weakness and pain, are always assailing it. The doctor, like the mechanic who repairs automobiles, can often repair the body. But the real control of the physical body is in the astral world. With many  chronic diseases no doctor knows what to do to effect a cure, because any trouble of karmic origin deeply imprinted in the astral body cannot be healed by purely physical means. The cure lies in employing the proper flow of subtle life energy and consciousness from the astral body and astral plane. Just as when the lights in your house go out, you have to check the wiring back to the dynamo. If there is something wrong there, the whole electrical system of the house will be out of order. So with chronic disorders of the physical body, you have to repair your flawed connection with the astral-body dynamo of power.

When modern science will discover how to go deep into the subtle electromagnetic constitution of man, it will be able to correct most any medical condition in ways that would seem almost miraculous today. In the future, healing will be effected more and more by use of various types of light rays. Light is what we are made of—not gross physical light, but the finer spiritualized light of prana, intelligent life energy. That light is the real essence of everything. This earth is not «earth» as you see it; it is light. But you cannot perceive that until you know the underlying astral world.

The Law of Duality and Relativity – Maya

Everything in the material world is a copy of its counterpart in the astral world; but the material manifestation is a gross one, limited and distorted by the law of relativity. The principle of duality or relativity is inherent in creation; shadow as well as light is necessary to apprehend a universe of separate forms and creatures. Relativity operates in the astral world too; but on that plane there are no fixed limitations— everything is perceived as different vibrations of light, naught else. In the material world delusion is  deeply embedded in that law of relativity, preventing the physical consciousness from understanding things as they really are. You don’t perceive things in their essence as light because the instrumentality of your physical senses is too gross. You instead experience the relative difference between solids, liquids, and gases as so radical that if you leave the solid shore and try to walk across the liquid ocean, you drown. In the astral world, even though you can cognize the shore as solid and the ocean as liquid, there is no drowning in the astral liquid. You differentiate the solids from the liquids only as varying vibrations of light, which do not clash with each other. You can glide just as easily through «solid» light and ‘liquid» light. Or you can walk on liquid light in your solid body of light, as Jesus showed when he walked on the water. To him, both his body and the sea  were naught but relativities of astral light, which he could alter at will by the power of mind. He demonstrated that a fully God-realized master can control the astral light underlying material creation. That is how he performed his miracles, such as healing the sick and raising the dead, feeding multitudes with a few loaves and fishes, and resurrecting his own body.

There is not one human experience you can think of for which the astral world has not an exact duplicate. You can experience birth and death and marriage and disease and everything that you see in the physical world. Relativities of light can create sensations and perceptions experienced as real. In the material world, because the law of relativity is so heavily laden with delusive power, man is constrained by those «realities.» In the astral world, everything is changeable at the command of the mind.

How important it is to live in that finer realm! I am all the time there—even now as I am talking to you. Such happiness comes; there are no words I can use to describe it to you. In this gross world, you get tired of everything; even the most enjoyable things eventually become tedious or boring. But in the astral world the creations of your will are ever new. You will never tire of that world. If you want to be young you can be so. If you want to appear as a man or as a woman or in any form you wish, you can do so. You do not have to worry about money for your needs; a mere command of your will provides whatever you want. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to do that here? This earth is so limited; some persons have plenty while others starve. But in the heavenly astral world there are no such inequities; every being has according to his desire. If you want an opulent palace, it is there for you. If you want snow or heat or light or rain, you can have it just by the power of thought. With astral light the mind can create anything. You are free from all limitations when you know the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of God, which is behind this world.


The astral dimension contains a wide variety of nonphysical energetic life forms, whose intelligence level varies enormously.

The vast majority of each type appear to have their own agendas, like to keep to themselves, and in general do not like being bothered or interfered with. Not counting high-level beings like demigods, angels, and spirit masters, they range from friendly, to occasionally helpful, to playful, to neutral, to mischievous, to malicious, to downright nasty and evil.

These beings appear in a wide variety of illusory forms. Some of the less-intelligent types seem animalistic and predatory by nature, much like the animal and insect wildlife found in the physical dimension: I call these last astral wildlife. Although these all appear to come from somewhere in or near the astral dimension, many are capable of operating in the real-time zone. And some of these, unfortunately, delight in tormenting projectors, especially new ones.

In a way, the astral dimension can be likened to the ocean – given the fluid nature of its many internal environments, you can find absolutely anything there: fish, shellfish, octopi, dolphins, whales, sharks, barracuda, sea snakes, crabs, shrimp, jellyfish, turtles, seals, and penguins, etc., etc. Some ocean wildlife is friendly; some is harmless; some is harmful only when disturbed, annoyed, or hungry; some can be unintentionally harmful; and others are downright dangerous all the time. There are also many travelers, some even from far-off lands, found sailing, flying, or swimming (hereabouts.

Although many parts of the astral planes appear to be full of life, it is fairly rare to meet up with interested beings while traveling there. But it does happen occasionally. Just about every astral plane and realm has some kind of local inhabitants. These life forms often live in specific areas or realms, and often seem quite unaware of any reality or dimensional level other than their own. They are often amazed when they meet an astral traveler. Other types seem to be well aware of other dimensions, but most seem to have little patience with projectors and tend to ignore them.

In a way, approaching astral beings you do not know is very much like approaching strangers in the physical dimension. Most strangers ignore other people, even when politely asked directions or questions. Strangers will, at best, give cursory answers as they hurry away while actively trying to ignore you. Astral beings, too, don’t seem to enjoy getting involved with the affairs of strangers, usually having much more important things to do with their time.

While projecting, you’ll also occasionally meet up with other projectors like yourself, but most of these will not even be aware they are projecting. Projectors’ awareness and memories of their physical existence, of who and what they are, vary greatly. Many seem to be sleepwalking or dreaming, or are just going along with the flow of life and events in an astral realm as if they were a part of it and actually lived there. They are often quite surprised when it is pointed out to them that they can fly, etc.

I suspect this variability in awareness and memory is caused by many factors, such as energetic development and activity, the amount of energy flowing into the projected double from its physical/etheric body, and whether a projector has made a conscious exit and has retained awareness afterward. The conscious exit out of the body seems to cause a much greater flow of energy into the projected double than is usually available to sleep projectors. It is also possible that the unbroken continuance of awareness provided by a conscious-exit projection removes much of the dreamlike qualities associated with existing in other dimensions.

The most important thing to realize about any beings you might come across in the astral dimension is that they are not all dream beings or creations of your own subconscious mind. Intelligent or otherwise, they usually have their own life, meaning, and purpose, whatever that might be. They are, in most cases, not mere decorations to be toyed with or used by any passing astral traveler. And yet, some astral beings will converse with and even actively encourage astral travelers, especially if projectors are courteous and sincere. Like attracts like in the astral planes; if you are friendly and sincere, you are far more likely to meet beings who are also friendly and sincere.

The best conduct and safety rule is to keep to yourself, be polite, and mind your own business unless approached or invited to do otherwise. And – always be ready to move quickly away if anything strange or threatening happens, or if you feel uncomfortable in any way.

Only very rarely will projectors come across advanced spiritual beings, and even more rarely will they encounter angels. In my opinion, angels are a race of highly advanced spiritual beings. They most definitely exist. I have seen angels many times, in OBEs and visions, as well as with my bare eyes on a few rare and precious occasions. They are impossible to track down or find intentionally during an OBE.

They are especially rare in the real-time zone and the low- to midastral planes. You occasionally come across them accidentally, especially in the high-astral and mental dimension. Angels, and other advanced spiritual beings, seem to make themselves visible only when they have a very good reason for doing so. They are definitely not the type to stop and chat in passing.

Angels and advanced spirit beings, unlike most astral inhabitants, do not appear limited to any particular plane or dimension level. They have the ability, I believe, to manifest in any level, even in the real-time zone and the physical dimension. They have the ability to enfold lesser beings in their energy and temporarily transport them into other dimensional levels. In this way, they will often be seen helping the spirits of deceased people to manifest temporarily in the real-time zone, or even to help them appear visibly in the physical dimension itself. This kind of thing always has very good reasons behind it, although those reasons may not be apparent at the time.

Typically, a spirit manifestation like this will begin with a strong buildup of energy in the room, accompanied by many silver motes and tiny sparkles of light. A tangible aura of power and presence spreads throughout the room and the atmosphere becomes electric. A narrow, vertical shaft of brilliant-silver light then appears and quickly expands, as if curtains of light were being drawn apart just wide enough for a person to walk through. A huge gush of brilliant-silver light, along with a tangible feeling of power, excitement, and love spills through this parting in the dimensional veil. The visiting deceased spirit then simply walks through this opening and stands just inside the room, bathed and held within this pool of light.

At this time, if you have the sight and you look further back into the light behind the deceased spirit, you will usually see at least one advanced spirit being or angel standing there, as if patiently waiting a dozen or so feet behind the spirit visitor.

A deceased relative or friend of the visiting spirit will also often be seen standing just behind and to the side of the spirit visitor, often holding a hand or resting a hand on a shoulder.

Astral Ceremonies
Whenever projectors consciously exit their bodies, especially new projectors, there is always a small chance they may find themselves in the middle of some kind of extraordinary ceremony. These are incredibly exciting and powerful events. They are usually very nonthreatening, although they may cause some anxiety simply because of their unusual and powerful nature. These are rare, though, and catch most projectors totally by surprise.

Perhaps this kind of event takes place to mark a significant milestone in a projector’s spiritual development and life’s path. The projector may be totally unaware of the significance of this first conscious-exit projection, but the higher spirit beings mark it as an occasion that warrants ceremony. Often a projector appears to experience internal changes during these ceremonies. This type of event can have a considerable effect on a projector’s belief system and future life path.

I am not suggesting that new projectors should expect anything like this to happen to them, as usually nothing will. And, if nothing does happen, please be thankful for the peace and quiet and use this time to get your astral sea legs, so to speak.

On the other hand, it pays to be prepared for the unexpected at all times … just in case something extraordinary really does happen.

High-Level Contact
It is possible, while out of body, to contact advanced beings in the astral planes, but this is far more difficult than most people imagine. Just because projectors can get out of their bodies and stumble about the astral planes does not mean they have instant access to advanced spirit beings or guides.

For high-level contact to be made at all-in or out of body – it seems that there must be a genuine need for advice or help. High contact does not always work even then. I suspect this is because the need must be important enough to warrant such intervention. Wanting general advice on life, or having a bucketload of questions, does not seem to fit this bill.

Advanced spirit beings rarely contact or allow themselves to be contacted by humans. Contact will be made when they think it is warranted – when they think the time is right.

Many in our modem world feel directionless, lost, spiritually starved, isolated, and deprived. They naturally yearn for contact with advanced spirit beings to show them the way. They think that if they could only get out of their bodies they could visit these higher beings, or demand an audience, but this just doesn’t work. If an advanced being needs to contact someone, it does so. Nothing that person could do would be able to miss or block this contact. People do not need to be out of body, nor psychic nor developed in any way whatsoever for high contact to occur.

High-level contact will occasionally happen during a projection, and I have learned a few projection-related ways of helping this along. Projecting consciously out of body and into the astral planes will often, in itself, precipitate some level of contact with advanced spirit beings. I have found, though, that making any kind of high contact is best thought of as a long-term goal, something to be looked forward to, patiently, while making the most of your life in the best way you can; no one can do any better than that.

The best way to cultivate high-level contact, and to speed this moment along a little, is through regular, meaningful spiritual service and development, complemented by energetic and psychic development, in that particularorder of priority and effort.

There are, however, a few projection-related ways that could encourage high-level contact.

Sending Out a Request
Form a strong intention and hold it in mind every night while falling asleep, especially before making a projection attempt. Visualize and voice this intention, this request, daily through prayers and meditations, or through simple thoughts during quiet moments of each day. Keep this request in the back of your mind during the day, and fall asleep with this on your mind.

This will make your request known on higher levels.

Symptoms of high contact may appear through dreams and lucid dreams, and not through projections.

Projection Method
Immediately after each real-time exit, move at least twenty feet away from your physical body and stop. Stand quietly for a moment and reverently state your request for high contact, speaking aloud or mentally.

Then, leave your house and fix your eyes on the stars above. If it is cloudy, fly above them, or fly into orbit if it’s daylight. Pick out the brightest star you can see, or a group of stars that appeals to you, and while holding your request strongly in mind, project toward them at hyperspeed.

Feel yourself moving toward the target and feel it moving toward you.

This will cause a dimensional shift into the astral planes and will, hopefully, transport you to a higher-than-normal level, where you will have more chance of finding the contact you desire.

Asking for Directions
Astral travelers often come across intelligent astral beings, and some will be kind and helpful. They may not have the answers the traveler seeks, but some will proffer advice or give directions, if approached with respect and asked nicely. Some astral beings often seem a bit out of place when you find them, just sitting or standing about looking very unimportant. They seem to delight in tricking projectors and testing out their true nature and intention.

They may appear as a small child, an old beggar, or even an animal of some kind. They may appear as a beautiful young man or woman, often scantily clad and with a sexually provocative demeanor. This last is a severe test, as projectors must control not only their thoughts, but also their primal instincts and urges.

These beings can be very hard to spot, appearing as absolutely anything, and will usually pick something a projector would least expect. If approached in just the right way, they will often be found to be far more than what they appear to be. Some are only too pleased to give advice and directions, although this will often be a bit on the cryptic side. They may not, as I said, have the answers the projector seeks, but will often point them in the right direction, which is a very good start indeed.

Alternatively, advanced spirit beings often appear as something more easily recognizable. They will thus often appear in a more traditional and acceptable guise, such as a wise man or woman, often in a form taken from the mind of the projector. Many people today believe they have a spirit guide of a particular appearance and name.

An advanced spirit being will sometimes take on this guise to make a planned contact.

The Priest and the Curse – Experience
A good example of high-level contact came about recently when I had a serious problem. I had been studying the dynamics of psychic attack, and had allowed a fairly strong attack to continue on my person for a little too long before attempting to break away from it. I was observing the methods and tactics used by the perpetrator,  and by the entities involved, and was experimenting with wards and countermeasures. It had been ongoing, on and off, for several months.

The attack was complex, but my biggest problems were exhaustion and stress. I had found a significant energy blockage in my right hip, which had appeared sometime during the course of the attack. This was draining me of energy and causing a lot of pain. I was in a real mess and could feel myself getting steadily weaker.

I could not even balance myself well enough to meditate properly, especially at night. To tell the truth I was getting a bit worried by the mess I’d gotten myself into. The experiment had seemed like a good idea at the time, but I would not recommend this kind of thing to the fainthearted. On a brighter note, I learned a great deal from all of this, which added significantly to my knowledge of these matters.

After a great deal of effort, I finally managed to project, albeit somewhat weakly, out of my body. I immediately formed a strong request for help and projected to the stars, aiming for the brightest star in the Southern Cross. My vision blurred and I experienced a brief tunnel-of-light effect as the dimensional shift took me, before it cleared and solidified. I found myself in a candlelit room with rough stone walls and floor.

Twenty feet or so in front of me sat a being, in appearance a small, thin old priest well into his eighties. He was wearing a full-length white cotton robe with a plain rope belt tied at the waist, A white skullcap covered the back of his balding gray head, his hair cut very short around this. For all his apparent age, his face seemed young and soft and his eyes sparkled with wisdom, strength, and gentle kindness. Across his lap lay a wide sash, white with gold knotted tassels and edging, with a beautiful gold crucifix emblazoned on it.

Around his neck hung a simple gold chain holding a small gold crucifix. I was standing outside a wide circle of candles surrounding him. I stepped up to the circle and introduced myself, feeling a tangible sensation of love and raw power emanating from this insignificant-looking being. The priest looked up at me, his eyes twinkling with amusement as he nodded a pleasant greeting.

He beckoned me to come closer and I sat facing him, cross-legged on the floor as he was.

I told him my whole story and of the trouble I was in. He listened quietly, eyes half-closed, occasionally asking pertinent questions and steering my discourse. I found him very easy to talk to, and love and respect for him blossomed within me. After I was done talking, the priest sat for a while with his eyes closed then began speaking quietly, offering advice and generally clearing the air about the whole situation. I learned a great deal from this conversation and listened intently. His knowledge and wisdom in these matters astounded me. Never before had I met anyone, living or otherwise, with whom I could talk on this level.

At one point, as the priest began talking about my right hip, he moved his hands and beckoned me toward him. I felt myself gripped in a powerful force. I was rolled onto my side and drawn to lie horizontally in front of the priest, facing him, floating just off the floor, suddenly finding myself naked. The priest moved his small hands over my body and finally laid them on my hip. My hip joint moved and felt like it was being turned inside out. This did not hurt but felt rather uncomfortable.

The priest moved his hands slowly back and a murky-dark, roughly shoebox-shaped object, shot through with dull-reddish and orange lumps and grisly black lines floated out of my hip.

He pulled this away from my skin slightly and showed me angry red and black cords extending like sticky strings into my hip, groin, and upper thigh. It was an ugly-looking thing and felt like it was attached to my nerves in those areas. When the priest moved his hands under it, I could feel nerves tugging and twanging uncomfortably, deep inside my body.

He smiled with interest and said:

«Goodness, I have not seen one of these in ages. Most of them wear off after a few years, but one like this can last for generations».

«What is it?» I asked.

«A curse, most likely from a witch», he decreed, «and a powerful one at that. I would say you’ve had this for a very long time. You will remember how you got it one day», he said, stopping what he was doing for a moment and looking deep into my eyes. «And then you must come back and see me again. Luckily, being so old, it’s in a greatly weakened state, although still quite active. It seems to have been altered many times, and is now working in a way it was not designed for. This has probably come about through the many attacks you have suffered during your earthly life, especially this current one.

«You have powerful enemies, Robert. Curses like this affect the atmosphere around a person, causing false attractions and repulsions in them, and in the people around them, something like a bad luck charm, only much worse. The energetic fields emanating from this device cause disruptions in the currents of universal law; much as a steel object can interfere with the accuracy of a magnetic compass.

«Curses like this are not of your world. They are usually designed to have a particular negative effect. This is most likely the reason why the source of your current attack was attracted to you in the first place, and why she has been able to cause you so much trouble. I’ll see what I can do with it».

With that, the priest reverently lifted and laid the wide sash over my hip.

He then closed his eyes and began speaking softly in a tongue I did not understand, although it sounded a bit like Latin. A brilliant-white light then spouted from his hands and bored deep inside me, all around and through the strange thing on my hip. I felt nerves twanging and pricking and then a tickling, almost erotic, feeling flooded through my groin as the thing brightened suddenly and then faded. It changed visibly, filling with sparkling-white motes of light, then dissolved back inside my body.

«Robert, please listen to me very carefully. Mine is the magic that binds and releases. I cannot harm, remove, or destroy this thing for you. It is alive in its own special way and I cannot kill it for you. I can only bind it in such a way that its effects on you will be reduced to a more tolerable level. Only you can remove this, but first you must remember how you got it, who gave it to you, and, most importantly, why they would do such a terrible thing».

It felt like a great weight had been lifted off me and my hip felt tender and a little numb. The numbness spread and soon became an intense buzzing. The priest’s face slowly faded as the stone room disappeared and my own room materialized around me. I slid down and gently swam back into my body.

I came wide awake to find my right hip and thigh really were numb and buzzing, so I took a limping walk around the house (raiding the fridge in passing) until it settled down to a more comfortable level, I returned to bed an hour later and soon fell peacefully asleep, voicing my thanks in prayer to the wonderful being I had just met.

After being under attack for so long, night after night after night, the peace and quiet and lack of activity in my room was tangible, like a healing balm to me. I awoke the next morning greatly refreshed, with no cramps or pain at all and my hip felt a whole lot better. The aftermath of this experience was that I grew quickly stronger and the debilitating effects of the psychic attack reduced considerably.

As soon as I was strong enough, with a few more good nights’ sleep under my belt, I broke the connection and threw off the attack completely.

Thought Form or Nonphysical Life-Form?
There is a popular argument, regularly put today, that all negative-type nonphysical entities are simply thought forms, created and propagated spontaneously or deliberately by the fears, thoughts, and fantasies of mankind. These are generally considered manifestations of the darker side of the collective consciousness of mankind, given form in the lower astral subplanes over an extended period of time. These are also thought of as something like independent, self-motivated thought forms.

I believe that this is a simplistic way of accepting the obvious existence of nonphysical beings, as simple thought forms. It avoids the uncomfortable issues raised by the possibility that some negative life forms may have different origins and be completely independent. This last possibility upsets many people’s framework of how the universe works.

Entertaining this possibility seems to foster belief-system confusion, discomfort, and insecurity in many people. This also generates a feeling of helplessness when confronted by something they actively wish to discount and disbelieve in. The majority of people, I have found, do not like to believe in or talk about the existence of devils and demons, demonic realms, and other nasties that might go bump in the night.

Similarly, many people disbelieve there may be any other intelligent life form in the universe: All UFO sightings are explainable as natural phenomena or weather balloons. Accepting the possibility of intelligent alien life forms, possibly with a higher level of intelligence and technology than our own, fosters deep-seated belief-system confusion, discomfort, and insecurity – simply through the many issues this possibility raises.

There is a fine distinction, I believe, between real nonphysical life forms from another dimension, and simple thought forms. Many nonphysical life forms, while generally classified today as mindless thought forms, seem to originate from other dimensions entirely, possibly even from dimensions parallel to our own. The distinction between these types, thought forms or independent beings, is basically one of intelligence. Their limitations of intelligence are shown by their ability to think, adapt, and innovate.

Thought forms, by nature, are mental creations, and exhibit only the behavioral traits or intelligence programmed into them during their creation. They have no innate natural intelligence with which to think, adapt, and innovate when faced with new and intellectually challenging situations.

True nonphysical life forms, on the other hand, would logically have some level of natural intelligence, and would therefore be capable of some adaptation and innovation. The level of flexibility and originality exhibited would, obviously, be set by their level of intelligence. This would make classification through the observation of their reactions to stimulus at least feasible.

If all negative entities are thought forms, then logically so are all positive entities, including all advanced spirit beings, spirit guides, and angels. And it cannot be said that our universe-living physical beings as well as nonphysical beings – contains only positive manifestations of consciousness. In my life and explorations I have found distinct similarities between the physical dimension and nonphysical dimensions like the astral. Each contains both positive and negative aspects, and many subtle gradients in between.

This whole argument does not appear to have any reasonable solution. Neither type can be captured, examined, dissected, and properly classified, or even accurately traced back to its origins, in anything resembling a reliable scientific way. This leaves observation, experience, and reasoning as the only tools with which to form any kind of opinion. It becomes a bit of a moot point when you have to deal with astral wildlife and other nonphysical beings of any type on a firsthand basis.

I will, therefore, continue to expound on this subject as I see it, according to my own observations, experience, and reasoning.

Lower Subplane Wildlife
The most troublesome types of astral wildlife appear to come from the notorious lower astral subplanes that contain the darker and more negative aspects of the astral planes. These can be likened to parallel shadows of the more positively oriented parts of the astral planes. While still a part of the astral planes, technically speaking, they are a distinctly separate aspect or part of it, containing all the darker qualities. Another way of looking at this is to consider this to be the night side of the astral planes.

Low astral wildlife normally seem capable of operating only in dimensions similar to or lower than their dimension of origin.

This is reasonable, based on the energetic limitations set by their nature and dimensional level of origin. Some of these beings do seem capable of operating in the real-time zone. (The real-time zone can be thought of as being fairly neutral territory, dimensionally speaking.)

All lower types, regardless of classification or origin, appear to be predatory loners showing varying degrees of strength, intelligence, and ability. Negative beings exhibit a cold and almost insectlike nature. Higher feelings like love, compassion, and mercy are totally alien to them. This does not, however, mean they are evil; it just means they have no higher feelings. A garden spider has no higher feelings; it is not evil for killing and eating a beautiful butterfly. It is a spider and acts according to its nature; spiders feed on insects to survive.

In my experience, negative types do not work well together, regardless of possible shared origins. They usually appear to be quite aggressive and combative toward each other, which results in a distinct pecking order whenever they are found together. Astral wildlife may sometimes be forced to work together, temporarily, through circumstances where they have a common interest or need.

Astral wildlife can manifest in an enormous variety of illusory and changeable forms. Regular favorites are ugly grinning monkeys, gargoyles, and harpy forms. Some seem to prefer a more traditional horned-demon look, while others go for a more contemporary appearance. These latter forms are possibly modeled on horror movies and TV shows, or even from the modem nightmares of mankind.

The size and appearance of an entity, as seen by a projector, or with real-time or astral sight, gives no fair indication of its actual strength and intelligence. Many small and weak entities seem to delight in looking big and dangerous, much as an animal will fluff up its fur during a confrontation to make itself seem bigger.

Stronger and more intelligent entities do not seem to bother overmuch with pretense and may even use their original form – if they have one, that is. I have seen entities the size of polar bears run screaming when «BOO!» is said to them. I have also seen others the size and appearance of large rats with which I would not interfere by choice.

Many entities seem to choose a form taken from the mind of a projector (which indicates some degree of telepathic ability) and use it to generate the maximum possible level of fear. This is a very good reason for projectors to keep their minds clear and mask their true feelings when they encounter or are forced to deal with  astral wildlife.

The weaker and by far the most common types of astral wildlife, those responsible for the majority of elemental and dweller-type scare attacks (see chapter 34) seem to have little power of their own. These are fairly weak, timid creatures and their appearance is always a greatly exaggerated illusion. They generally avoid direct encounters with projectors, and usually beat a hasty retreat whenever approached by a projector with a firm or confrontational attitude. Most negative entities dislike direct attention and actively avoid being seen.

Some types of astral wildlife seem attracted to, and possibly even feed on, the energetic vibrations generated and broadcast by overly fearful projectors. Continued fear and timidity on the part of a projector seems to make astral wildlife more aggressive.

Their intimidating behavior is, however, always without direct attack. This indicates they are not capable of mounting a direct attack on a projector, and my experience supports this. Increased and continuing fear on the part of a projector will often attract others of the same type, thus increasing their numbers and making things generally worse for a projector. Still, the appearance of these types is quite rare.

The vast majority of astral wildlife do not, I believe, have the power to directly injure a projector, but caution is always advised in these matters. It is commonly thought that nonphysical entities of any type are completely harmless to projectors, and are only capable of scaring them. While this is generally true, as with the elemental and dweller types discussed later in this book (see chapter 34), there are exceptions. Real-time, astral, and all higher bodies are virtually invulnerable, and definitely cannot be destroyed or killed.

But it is possible to suffer energetic damage and weakness through intense or prolonged attack by the stronger and more intelligent types of nonphysical entities.

Cases of this are extremely rare, but if the energetic substance of a projected double became damaged, this damage could reflect back into its physical body. In this case, the physical body could experience unusual tiredness. Even more rarely, swellings, rashes, and strange marks could also appear on the physical body. These are much like the swellings, watery blisters, and rashes that are an occasional side effect of energetic development work (see chapter 13), especially during the early stages when energetic pathways are being cleared and conditioned. All these symptoms heal unusually quickly, often disappearing within just a few hours. The energy body heals and restores itself very quickly if its substance is disturbed or damaged in any way.

Any significant attack causing energy substance loss in the projected double has a fail-safe side effect. It causes the immediate abortion of that projection as a reflex action.

Projection is a delicately balanced process involving a constant two-way energetic-cum-telepathic exchange between the physical body and its projected double. It does not take much to interfere with this process and cause it to abort, resulting in the immediate return of the projected double to the safety of its physical body.

Please keep in mind here that attacks, and especially attacks causing actual energetic damage or substance loss, are rare in the extreme and not something to overly worry about. The risk is roughly equivalent to a recreational swimmer being seriously injured by dangerous marine life. For the average swimmer, injuries are fairly rare events, with the biggest danger being nothing more than an occasional jellyfish sting.

Professionals and deep-sea divers, however, spend a great deal more time in unexplored and untamed ocean depths, and thus face a slightly greater risk of harm than do recreational swimmers. This also applies to frequent projectors, especially those with a natural propensity for the more occult and metaphysical aspects of out-of-body exploration. Lastly, this also applies to the more experienced projectors who actively help people suffering from psychic attacks and other such entity-related problems.

To the best of my knowledge, if projectors mind their own business, stay calm, use common sense, and project away if they ever find themselves in a bad situation, they have very little to worry about. Out of all the thousands of projection-related case histories I have been consulted on, I have only come across a very small handful of situations where really troublesome astral wildlife were involved.

In the majority of these cases, once this situation was confronted with a braver and more positive attitude, the problem entities, whether real or imagined, simply vanished.


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